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POSTED BY admin ON February 23rd, 2011
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We were so excited to see what a great response we’ve had to the season one book so far. The Twitter love has been unbelievable, including this gem from Debbie Millman:

Debbie Millman

Below is just a few blog entries we’ve found. If you have blogged about our book and we don’t have it featured below, please let us know! Click on each of the articles below to see more of the individual blog posts:

Brand Clay
Sean Farrell // Brandclay

Just Creative Design
Jacob Cass // Just Creative Design

Joe Sparano // Oxide Design Co.

Creative Snack
Michael Warren // Creative Snack

Euan Mackenzie
Euan MacKenzie //

Joseph Blalock
Joseph Blalock // Joseph Blalock Design Office

Leighton Hubbell
Leighton Hubbell // Hubbell DesignWorks

Leighton Hubbell
Leighton Hubbell // Hubbell DesignWorks

Webcore Design Blog
Daniel Evans // Webcore Design

Cody Thompson // Tactic

Miles Design
Josh Miles // MilesDesign

Jeff Fisher
Jeff Fisher // Jeff Fisher LogoMotives

Brand New
Armin Vit // UnderConsideration / Brand New

Richard Baird

Uneek Grafix
Uneek Grafix

Stapel Design
Josef Stapel // Stapel Design

Gage Mitchell
Gage Mitchell // Gage Mitchell Design

Jarred Katz // Jarheadesign

Justin Garand

Just added:

Logo Motives
Jeff Fisher // Jeff Fisher LogoMotives

Project Graphics
Agon Çeta // projectGRAPHICS

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season one book production

POSTED BY admin ON February 18th, 2011
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We thought we’d share some photos of the printing process of the season one book.

These are a limited-edition of 1000 books and you can order your books at the iheartlogos store.

press sheet showing the top 2 logos

another view of that sheet

more great logos

462 awesome logos showcased in the season one book

the colors look really great on the matte coated paper

lots of late nights making sure it's perfect

Don’t miss out. Get your copies today.

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