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POSTED BY admin ON May 16th, 2012
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name // Gyula Németh
current employer // independent designer
location // Budapest, Hungary
twitter // @gynemeth78
website //
blog // Sea Devil Works
dribbble // gynemeth78
facebook // NMTH


my favorite killed logo: Landshut Cannibals.

Because: I liked everything about it, but the client didn’t. They wanted to stay with the old cartoonish look instead.


With every new logo design, I always try to: make it compact and memorable. Well, if they let me do it.


When I get stuck, I usually: slap myself and start again.


The most ridiculous thing a client actually said: “This is ‘cute’! But I want ‘adorable’! There is a huge difference!”


I knew I had made it as a logo designer when: In my opinion there is no such thing as a logo designer. Every graphic designer should be able to work on logos and identity.


I wish I had thought of Batman first.


My least favorite part of being a logo designer is: when I don’t have enough time to flesh out the concept.


My favorite aspect of iheartlogos is: it’s a nice and fresh platform for every designer with a competitive mindset


Anything else we should know about or check out?
I do lots of sports related illustrations lately. Check out Panini America’s Triple Play card set in July to see some examples.



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