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POSTED BY admin ON May 4th, 2012
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name // Jeff Fisher
current employer // Jeff Fisher Logo Motives
location // Portland, Oregon, USA
twitter // @LogoMotives
website //
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my favorite killed logo: Cat Adoption Team.

Because: I was asked to create the identity as a pro bono project and then it was rejected by the Board of Directors as not being “warm and fuzzy enough.” It has gone on to win numerous design awards, is published in 16 books to date and is now one of my most ripped-off logo designs. The logo was published in “iheartlogos, season one.”


With every new logo design, I always try to: take a totally unique approach to each project, usually in a direction that will totally surprise the client. Often that means initially giving the client exactly what they want–and then what I really think will work best to identify the business, organization, product or event.


When I get stuck, I usually: go play in the dirt of my garden. Many logo design challenges have been resolved by way of “brain farts” during what may be hours of gardening.


The most ridiculous thing a client actually said: Could you rotate the logo 5 degrees? (I rotated 2.5 degrees and they never knew the difference)


I knew I had made it as a logo designer when: as a one-person firm, in 1991, I was asked to design the identity and all branding elements for a luxury hotel.


I wish I had thought of Instagram first. ($1 billion…sheesh!)


My least favorite part of being a logo designer is: handling the day-to-day business dealings of running a design firm.


My favorite aspect of iheartlogos is: that the volume of inspiring logo design creations is selected by the votes of a community of international industry peers.


Anything else we should know about or check out?
I am the author of the books “Identity Crisis!: 50 Redesigns That Transformed Stale Identities Into Successful Brands” and “The Savvy Designer’s Guide to Success.” Other books are currently in the works. I have written for HOW Magazine, other industry publications, many webzines and additional design resources. I am also an international lecturer and educator, making numerous presentations each year on the topics of identity, branding, promotion and social media to design organization, design school, university and business group audiences.



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  1. JLM says:

    Proof, once again, that clients don’t always know best. Cute logo! lol

  2. Really good Q&A, thanks for sharing…

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