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POSTED BY admin ON May 25th, 2012
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name // Sean Farrell
current employer // Brandclay
location // Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
twitter // @brandclay
website //


my favorite killed logo: zao.

Because: it has a lot of meaning to me.  First it was for a Christian friend and company.  The word Zao means ‘flowing water’—so my main goal was to symbolize that in a unique mark.  I made a flowing water droplet shape that also formed the letter Z.


With every new logo design, I always try to: learn about what the company does in detail. I really like to put myself in the user’s/customer’s shoes and think about what would appeal to them.


When I get stuck, I usually: go read my bible or pray that God will give me a creative solution. He is after all, the ultimate creator.


The most ridiculous thing a client actually said: “That logo looks like a sore nipple.”


I knew I had made it as a logo designer when: I started turning down 5-10 projects a week because I was too busy.


I wish I had thought of Facebook first.


My least favorite part of being a logo designer is: clients not understanding what will appeal to their customers instead of to them.


My favorite aspect of iheartlogos is: being able to vote up my peers logos and support them as well! I love having an option to vote for my friend’s designs!


Anything else we should know about or check out?
I have too many things to share (as my wife always says) but the biggest thing I’m a part of right now is my wife’s site I am the designer, photographer, and taste tester.



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