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POSTED BY admin ON June 11th, 2012
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name // Von Glitschka AKA Vonster
current employer // Glitschka Studios
location // Pacific Northwest, USA
twitter // @vonster
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my favorite killed logo: Saving America.

Because: I should have seen the hand writing on the wall with this client when they said upfront “I want to be the next facebook.” Well I tried to help him the best I could. I developed a total of 14 brand directions for him and he basically hated all of them. There were a bunch of great directions I developed, but this one was my favorite. I don’t feel so bad though, because he still doesn’t have an identity yet.


With every new logo design, I always try to: think beyond what the client has asked for. Is this really what they need, what would push their comfort zone? I always make an attempt at showing them something that they may not immediately like but would work well for them. Helping them capture a vision of possibility of sorts in regards to their identity.


When I get stuck, I usually: go off-site. Get out of my studio, grab my iPad, headphones and a sketchbook and free up my mind. Get it to re-process details from a new perspective. Getting stuck is uncomfortable and it’s too easy to accept a bad idea at this point to alleviate the feeling. Bear through it, because on the other end awaits a better idea, so being stuck is just part of the process really.


The most ridiculous thing a client actually said: A banking client said to me one time while presenting concepts: “Can you add a forest to that logo?”


I knew I had made it as a logo designer when: I convinced a client their requested re-brand idea was a very bad idea and talked them into changing the name of their company and created a new brand identity for them. When the owner eight months later thanked me and told me his business had grown by 20% since rebranding I was pretty happy about the whole situation and how it turned out.


My least favorite part of being a logo designer is: getting feedback on some directions and realizing the client clearly left out a lot of information they should have included on the creative brief or informed you about prior to you working out concepts.


My favorite aspect of iheartlogos is: knowing you have your finger on the pulse of identity design and always provide relevant information for the creative community.


Anything else we should know about or check out?
Celebrating my 10th year running my own studio. FREE stickers and coasters for all!

And, I was so disgusted by the new MLB Orioles mark I just re-designed it myself.



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