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POSTED BY admin ON July 11th, 2012
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name // James Waldner
current employer // freelancer
location // Manitoba, Canada
twitter // @golumo
website //


my favorite killed logo: Lado de Dentro.

Because: the client wanted to add more dolls to show that there can be more dolls inside. Keeping the mark as simple as possible is usually the best approach because it allows the logo be used in multiple contexts and mediums. I always take that into consideration when designing.

I felt that this logo was communicating precisely what the client was requesting but I respect that a client to be able to relate to their own mark. This obviously wasn’t what they wanted so it went in the rejected pile.


With every new logo design, I always try to: take direction from the client and then add my own twist and influence to the logo.


When I get stuck, I usually: do something else for a while. Designing a brand requires time and a lot of thought. When designer’s block hits, I like to take a break and work on something else. Sometimes, simply moving to another room or working in a different environment helps. The best ideas hit me in the strangest and most unexpected places.


I knew I had made it as a logo designer when: I began to receive logo design and branding requests from clients from another continent. It’s interesting that most of my clients do not come from my local area but all around the globe.


I wish I had thought of the iPad first. After thinking about it, it only seems logical that this was a great direction by Apple. Oh, it would’ve required money to make it a reality…


My least favorite part of being a logo designer is: when a client hires me for professional work and then they want to micromanage the entire design. Not literally of course, but they add so much precise details on the design and direction, I question why they just don’t do it themselves. I have no issue with clients who know what they want, (this can speed up the process) but they have to trust the designer who has more branding experience.

I appreciate clients who trust my professional judgement and direction and allow me to guide the process. Open minded clients are always appreciated and that allows me to explore different options.

I have learned not to take on every client who wants a logo. I reserve the right to choose which clients I take just like the client has a right to choose a designer who they feel comfortable working with. You do however, need enough exposure so you get enough requests for this to be done.


My favorite aspect of iheartlogos is: that it allows every designer to be on the same level. You don’t know who designed a specific logo and your vote is based on the design itself. Or course, someone in the industry will recognize many of the designers.



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