Death to Design Awards?

POSTED BY josh ON September 2nd, 2010
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Earlier this week posted an article declaring death to design awards. Of course, this caught our attention. Interestingly enough, their thoughts were that design awards are too costly to enter, judged by too few people, and too self-serving.

Coincidentally, those are a few of the reasons why we created as a new revolution in design competitions.

Here’s how we’re different:

– All regular entries are only $10 ($15 for late submissions).

– All paid members may judge all entries. (The competitors are the judges. And vice versa.)

– The voting period lasts for two weeks.

– We’ll publish a book of winners, featuring approximately 500 logos.

For more information about why we created iheartlogos, and how we’re different, check out our latest presentation on

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Competition or Contest?

POSTED BY admin ON January 7th, 2010
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It’s exciting to see all of the chatter going on this week surrounding the launch of We’d especially like to thank all of our beta testers and our great traffic from UnderConsideration’s Brand New. In light of all of these good vibes surrounding our “by the designers, for the designers competition,” imagine our surprise when we saw tweets labeling iheartlogos as SPEC!

To clarify, iheartlogos is a design competition. Our intent is to celebrate the best logo work of the best designers around the world. Our site is a call for entries to this competition, and a celebration of logo design. We are 100% opposed to SPEC in the design profession.

We do charge an entry fee of $10 per entry and allow your peers to vote on your logos. There are no guarantees that your peers will select your entry as one of the best logos. The only way this could be conceived as spec is if you didn’t already get paid to do the logo you’re submitting… which is kinda silly in the first place. iheartlogos is just like submitting entries to an awards annual, except the users are the judges. And vice versa.

We will be publishing a book of all of the winners once voting is complete. There is no cash prize here. There is no chance that we may use your logo for some other purpose. is simply a rolling call for entries to celebrate your best work in hopes of being included in the book.

If you’d like some more thoughts on this topic, one of our beta testers, Jeff Fisher, penned a great piece on Contests, Competitions, and Spec work, and his choice to market his practice via creative industry competitions. Obviously, we think that’s a swell idea Jeff!

We welcome your feedback, and if there’s anything more we can do to clarify what iheartlgos is and is not, please share your ideas.

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